The famous Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

The King Khalid airport was once the largest airport in the world. The airport actually serves Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh. The airport like any other airport in Saudi Arabia has a mosque which is one of the most distinct landmarks in the airport by virtue of the Islamic architecture. The famous mosque can simply accommodate almost 5,000 worshipers inside the mosque and another 5,000 in the plaza outside.

The location of the airport at the center of the passenger terminal establishes it as the most important and unique structure on the airport and makes it the first sight visitors see as they leave the arrival area. Riyadh airport taxi is a viable option for passengers going to the airport.

Parking Facilities

There are two large three level garages that have been constructed directly in front of the passenger’s terminals with each on at the either side of the mosque. The amazing garages are connected to the terminals and to the mosque by the pedestrian walkways under the arrivals level roadway. The actual design capacity of the garages is approximately 12000 vehicles. The famous garages are built of cast in place concrete and each covered level is approximately 4 meters high. The escalators and elevators are available in these amazing garages as well as the stairways between the different levels.


Riyadh King Khalid International Airport Terminal

There are approximately four main passenger terminals at the airport. The terminals uniquely are connected to each other by means of three linking buildings. Each of the terminals is triangularly shaped. The complex includes a modern VIPS terminal plus restaurant and some government offices.

The royal terminal           

Royal Terminal, Riyadh Airport


The heads of state and other high ranking VIP visitor to the kingdom are usually greeted in the royal pavilion which has open spaces, some garden areas and amazing fountains. There’s a ceremonial hall which usually connects the pavilion to the mosque. The unique design and geometry of the building is similar to those of the other terminals architecturally and the aesthetic respect. The arriving guests can at times either the air bridges or escalators to enter the building from the aircraft parking area. The airport is ranked among the first in the world because of its world class customer service.


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